You are flown into the interior of Antarctica in luxury and comfort. After a five-hour flight across the Southern Ocean, you are transported to our beautifully designed and ecological camp set in one of the last great wildernesses on earth. We offer a range of adventures from 8-day safaris to visit the Emperor Penguins, to shorter trips designed to cater for those with tighter schedules. There is now even a 3-day trip to Antarctica!

With genuine polar explorers as your guides, you will see, touch and experience a place that is unlike anything on earth. With mild summer temperatures, you only need to be in a normal physical condition to join us. Then, once in Antarctica – what happens is up to you. The place is as big as your imagination. Come with us on an unforgettable journey.

Come explore…

Experiences Offered:

48 day adventures are offered each year, with a maximum of only 12 clients on each trip.

It is possible to exclusively hire the camp where an entirely bespoke itinerary will be constructed for you or, alternatively, you can join one of the existing adventures. We offer a 3-day safari, or longer 8-day trips that visit the Emperor Penguins and also, the South Pole.

*Please remember that all Antarctic travel is governed by weather and available logistics. Changes to the schedule do happen.

Emperors & Mountains

This is an 8-day experience that takes you into the heart of Antarctica in comfort and style.

Emperors & South Pole

This 8-day adventure takes you into the heart of Antarctica to see the Emperor Penguins. Then its to the lowest point on earth – the South Pole!


The domed, frameless structures comprise of aerospace composite panels that slot together to have the strength of a normal building yet the mobility of a tent.  One of the experts from the company that manufactures the pods flew all the way from Alaska to help the team set up this unique camp. The seven pods are luxury en-suite bedrooms, each 6.1m in diameter. The interiors include two single beds (converting into one double bed, on request), a wash area, toilet and writing desk. There is also a separate shower tent with a full shower and toilet facilities.


Our chef, is one of the very best in Cape Town, preparing delicious, fresh food three times a day. There is seafood and barbequed steaks, full English breakfasts and light lunches. Come the evening time, we take things easy and enjoy Champagne Mumm, whilst reminiscing about some of the day’s experiences. In the evening, our field guides often give a slideshow presentation, where they cover topics from the local environment to the lesser-known stories of the early explorers. We regularly have scientists from the Russian and Indian base visit Whichaway, explaining elements of their latest, often groundbreaking research.

Once at our camp, the philosophy is simple – do as much or as little as you like.


Have exclusive access to a 6,000 strong Emperor Penguin colony with their newly-hatched chicks.Fly into unexplored mountains and with our World Record breaking polar explorers guiding you every step of the way, summit a mountain no one has ever climbed before. Picnic over the 200ft ice cliff outside White Desert’s luxury safari camp with food from our award-winning chef.Become the first tourists to ever fly out to the ice barrier on the edge of Dronning Maud Land and witness thousands of iridescent icebergs.

Choose from a wide variety of daily activities tailored to each individual client. All inclusive, luxury experience.