Discover the Charm of Morocco!

Take a trip to Morocco, where old traditions meet modern luxury. Located in stunning landscapes and rich culture, Morocco invites travellers looking for a unique escape. Imagine enjoying the colourful markets of Marrakech or relaxing in the calm of the Sahara Desert from your private oasis. From historic riads to luxury seaside retreats with ocean views, Morocco offers an unforgettable stay tailored to your wishes. Enjoy Moroccan hospitality as you explore ancient cities, savour delicious food, and relax.

Despite its Modern transformation, Morocco has never lost sight of its deep-rooted traditions.

Typically walled, the traditional Medina invites you to explore its deepest treasures while meandering its narrow streets. Artisan shops, fountains, mosques …Hundreds of people live and work inside of its ochre walls, passing their know-how on to other generations. In Fez, Tetouan, Essaouira and Marrakech, these car-free and most best conserved historic towns have quickly become World Heritage. Whether it’s located in an imperial city, a coastal city, or in mountains, Medinas will take you back in history.

Explore its puzzling old districts, and dive into its magical atmosphere !

In Morocco, ecology has its place!

Morocco, has a a variety of landscapes, from beaches, mountains, desert to major urban centers. Along with its diversity, the country has an absolute ecological responsibility. It is now one of the leading countries in terms of sustainable tourism.

Since the signature by more than 60 cities of the charter concerning responsible tourism in January 2006, Morocco is firmly promoting a responsible tourism towards people and the environment. The same environment that enhances the cultural, identity and intangible heritage of its different regions. In turn, tourism will create wealth and values.