Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal


‘The kingdom of the Zulus’ is a popular holiday destination among South Africans. KwaZulu-Natal has its metropolitan heart in the port city of Durban and its nearby historic capital, Pietermaritzburg. Durban’s warm-water beaches attract local holiday-makers, while to the north is Zululand, home to evocative traditional settlements and cultural sites.
The wild, North Coast has year-round dolphins, seasonal whale migrations and turtles laying their eggs in summer. Its interior boasts Big Five nature reserves in the heart of rural, picturesque Zululand. The South Coast is more commercial with all the amenities you’d expect of beach-resort towns and luxurious golfing estates. For fishing enthusiasts, there’s the annual sardine run, also known as ‘The Greatest Shoal on Earth’.
In the west lies the heritage-listed uKhahlamba-Drakensberg mountain range, featuring snow-covered peaks, spectacular vistas and excellent hiking. The central Midlands comprises rolling hills and history-filled towns with thriving arts-and-crafts communities.
Don’t miss out on a battlefield tour, immersing yourself in the many skirmishes between Boer and Brit or Zulu and Brit during the 19th century.