Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands

The Cape Winelands is a world renowned wine producing region, with historical and modern viticulturists plying their trade from Durbanville to the Overberg.Come and experience the beauty of Cape Dutch architecture, vine-clad valleys backed by majestic mountains, wine tastings in atmospheric cellars and of course the many delicious wines created by South Africa’s excellent winemakers.

Even if you’re not a wine drinker you’ll find plenty to do in the Winelands: including hiking and golf… There are Botanical Gardens to visit, beaches on which to relax, fine dining in beautiful settings to enjoy and shopping opportunities to make the most of – from quaint décor shops to nurseries to art and craft stores.


Known worldwide for its quality wines and the spectacular beauty of the surrounding mountains Stellenbosch is home to one of the most esteemed old Wine Regions in the world. Visitors will be captivated by breathtakingly beautiful scenery and warm South African hospitality. Founded is 1679, Stellenbosch is the oldest town in South Africa next to Cape Town. Walking through the streets of Stellenbosch, one can almost feel the history, as if strolling in days of old. The town is packed with many historic buildings dating back to the early 1700′s.

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Nestled in a valley hemmed in by mountains, Franschhoek was established by a small band of French Huguenots, who fled to avoid religious prosecution in 1688. The settlers soon established impressive vineyards and homesteads, which to this day bear their original French names. With the magnificent Huguenot Memorial, museum and rose garden at its heart, the town has just one main street, lined with antique shops, cafes and restaurants.

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Constantia Vallley

Discover Cape Town’s most intimate wine route and learn about the history of the oldest wine-growing area in Southern Africa. Here you will find everything you need: from places to stay, eat and shop to things to see and do. Located at the centre of the Cape Peninsula, only minutes from the centre of town, Constantia Valley is Cape Town’s secret rural retreat and the perfect place to escape, away from the hustle and bustle of city-life.

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