Gospel and Township Tour- The Friendly City

Gospel and Township Tour

This tour brings you right to the heart and soul of South Africa, and into the lives of the ordinary people that earn Cape Town the nickname ‘The Friendly City.’

The centre of a poorer community has always been the church, serving a role that goes beyond the purely spiritual. Here the people joined together when the apartheid regime banned political gatherings, and it was from the pulpits the oppressed voiced their rage and under the leaders of the churches the community was rallied to fight their way to freedom. Today, the churches continue to play an indispensable and variegated role in the cultural and social life of township communities.

This is not a tour for religious people only, this is for everyone to enjoy and experience. Should you also happen to like music and gospel this is the tour for you. This will give you an understanding about the African community at its most fundamental level and experience first-hand the warmth of its people.

Feel welcomed by the church goers as you settle in for a relaxed, captivating experience and listen to the rousing gospel music of the choirs – it will lift everyone’s spirit to the ceiling and beyond! You will leave this place with a whole new understanding of what it means to rejoice