Historical Cooking Adventure
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Historical Cooking Adventure

Time to get a hands-on experience in this cooking adventure!
The tour is based in the famous Bo-Kaap area in Cape Town and will take you through this historical Malay quarter with all its nooks and crannies on our hunt for the source of the Cape Malay food.

The air is full of spices and rich aromas as you walk the cobbled streets together with your guide through this historical part of Cape Town to give you time to appreciate its original and extraordinary architecture that has made this area a national monument. Follow your nose as the air fills with the scent of ginger, chilli, cinnamon and cardamom as you hunt for the ingredients for your Cape Malay meal.
When everything is gathered you will get a hands-on experience on how to make your own traditional meal! Whilst you are busy learning how to make Samoosas and mix your own Masala, your hostess will tell you more about the many ways that religion, history and food are entwined in the Bo-Kaap culture.

Then when everything is done you will sit down and enjoy the fruits of your hard work by enjoying a full traditional Malay meal.

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