A Day of Culture and Heritage
Day tours - Culture and heritage

A Day of Culture

During the day you will be taken to the District Six Museum where you will be given an understanding about how apartheid came about and why townships were created. You will also visit a local township, where you meet crafters, visit a school and a crèche – you will also have the opportunity to make an appointment with a traditional healer. More than half of Cape Town’s population live in townships. You will then take the ferry out to Robben Island where a bus tour of the island and a guided tour of the prison will give you insight to the lives of the people who lived there, the Robben Island experience is guided by a former political prisoner.


  • The District Six Apartheid Museum(closed Sundays).
  • Langa, the oldest formal township in Cape Town.
  • Visit projects in the Township such as Crafters, schools and crèche.
  • A local Shebeen(tavern- beer optional).
  • Make an appointment with a traditional healer.
  • Interaction with local township people.
  • Visit an informal settlement(shacks).
  • Robben Island Ferry Trip.
  • Guided tour of the Island.
  • Guided tour of the prison by ex-political prisoner.